5 Myths About Adult Ballet Classes

Thinking about taking up ballet? It’s not too late! Taking ballet classes can be an enjoyable experience and provide many benefits, no matter your age or experience level. However there are a number of myths about adult ballet classes that stop people from taking up ballet as an adult. It’s time to debunk those myths and provide you with greater confidence that you can, and should, join that adult ballet class you have been thinking about!


Myth #1: You need to have done ballet as a child.

It’s a common misconception that it is too hard to learn ballet as an adult, although adults are in fact usually quicker learners. This is due to adults having a greater ability to comprehend information and draw upon previous learning experiences. As an adult you are the one making the full effort and investment in ballet, therefore greater motivation is usually also experienced by adult dancers. This results in adult ballet dancers having more commitment and dedication to their learning, making them ideal ballet students.


Myth #2: You must have a slim and petite body shape.

This is a large myth about ballet. A certain body shape may come to your mind when thinking of a ballet dancer, however not all ballet dancers have the perceived “ballet body”. The way you move and hold yourself makes you a dancer, not the shape of your body. If you have a body, you can dance. It’s really that simple.


Myth #3: You need to be flexible to do ballet.

Ballet is actually the perfect activity to improve your flexibility! Ballet technique includes slow and steady movements, helping to improve the mobility of your joints and stretch your muscles. This is why ballet dancers are usually quite flexible. But you don’t need to be flexible before walking into your first ballet class.


Myth #4: You have to wear a leotard and tights. 

The classic ballet class attire for girls/women is a leotard and tights, or a unitard for boys/males. The main reason for this attire is to help dance instructors easily see their students’ body alignment to provide accurate corrections. Althoughfor adult ballet dancers, we understand this may not be the most comfortable clothing, especially if you are new to ballet. At our studio (and most other studios) we suggest that adult dancers wear comfortable clothing that is relatively tight fitting. This will ensure your safety and allow your instructor to see your body alignment correctly for learning purposes. Although if you would like to rock the classic leotard and tights, we won’t object!


Myth #5: You won’t get the opportunity perform on stage.

Of course you will! One of the greatest things about ballet is that it’s both an art and sport, which gives you the opportunity to gain the physical benefits of fitness along with the ability to express and perform. Many studios, includingours, offer performing within concerts as an option. With most ballets requiring adult dancers to play roles, there is a large opportunity for you to perform and dance on stage!

If any of these adult ballet myths have been holding you back, now is the time to start your ballet journey. Here at Murray Youth Performing Arts in Albury we also offer a free trial class, allowing you to see for yourself that ballet really is for everyone!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to book your free trial.

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